About Us

Our Mission

To increase interest and knowledge of gardening and conservation among our members and among the public at large; to promote gardening and conservation by instruction and example; to beautify the surrounding community and to undertake civic cultural and historical projects related to gardening and conservation.

Club History

Marie Hemphill looks back on 25 years as a member of Stony Brook

It all began in the Spring of 1939 when four gals were having tea at Sukie Williams' house on Library Place. Besides Sukie, they were Maggie Donoho, Mary Jane Paynter and Charlotte Schluter.... Read more of Marie's reminiscences of 25 years as a member of the club here.

Past Presidents

2019 - 2021 Louise Wellemeyer

2017 - 2019 Sue Plambeck

2015 - 2017 Olive Coughlan

2013 - 2015 Linda Gecha

2011 - 2013 Andrea Meyercord

2009 - 2011 B.J. Booth

2007 - 2009 Laura Hanson

2005 - 2007 Tracey Gates

2003 - 2005 Anne Gates

2001 - 2003 Meg Gorrie

1999 - 2001 Lockie Proctor

1997 - 1999 Vicky Wildmerding

1995 - 1997 Susan Levy

1993 - 1995 Suzanne Dyckman

1991 - 1993 Wendy Hopper

1989 - 1991 Katie Heins

1988 - 1989 Adela Wilmerding

1986 - 1988 Barby Delafield

1984 - 1986 Nancy Robins

1982 - 1984 Lynn Dawes

1980 - 1982 Janet Haring

1978 - 1980 Alice Carter

1976 - 1978 Audrey Gates

1974 - 1976 Lenkie Adamson

1972 - 1974 Angie Austin

1970 - 1972 Barbara Lawrence

1968 - 1970 Adra Fairman

1967 - 1968 Debbie Carey

1966 - 1967 Sara Sikes

1964 - 1966 Kay Dana

1963 -1964 Peggy Miller

1961 - 1963 Nancy Kirkpatrick

1959 - 1961 Nancy Genung

1957 - 1959 Peggy Milholland

1955 - 1957 Charlotte Schluter

1953 - 1955 Margaret Donoho

1951 - 1953 Sukie Williams

1949 - 1951 Alice Lindabury

1947 - 1949 Marion Leon

1945 - 1947 Helen Griffin

1943 - 1945 Sue Steele

1941 - 1943 Dorothy Fleming

1939 - 1941 Charlotte Schluter

Club Highlights 1939 to 1994


Four women having tea decided to start a garden club.

June 7 - twelve women met to organize a garden club and named it Greenfingers.

In December the name was changed to the Gardeners.


Club did a garden in the community flower show. It was a before and after garden and won a special award. A picture of the garden was published in the New York Sun.


......................WAR YEARS............................


Year spent in organization and planning


Club became a member of the G.C.A. and changed its name to Stony Brook.


Club entered the international flower show in new York city with a bay window planted with begonias.


Stony brook and the G.C. of Princeton cooperated in a garden at the international flower show in New York city and won second prize. Flower show at McCarter Theater.


Club trip to gardens in Ambler PA. One club member copied a solar heated pit garden seen on the trip - Fleming


Club involved in the Princeton community flower show. Also acted as hostesses at New York flower show.


Visiting house day -3 members' homes decorated for Christmas. Members made Christmas decorations and jellies. Club involved in community flower show and served as hostesses at New York show. G.C. of Princeton our guests at flower arranging program with Mitsou Arai. Club became a member of the Federated Garden Club of New Jersey.


Sue Steele member of the schedule committee of the Philadelphia flower show.


Club entered the New York International Flower Show with the Irvington, N.Y. G.C. and G.C. of Somerset Hills, NJ. Entry was a north european garden and won 3rd prize.


Club entered the New York International Flower Show with the same two clubs as 1952. This year the entry was a spring garden with a dry stone wall which the clubs constructed. We won a 2nd prize and also served as hostesses at the show.

Club had a fall garden tour and flower show..


Two members won 2nd and 3rd at the federated zone meeting - Fleming and Schluter.

Evelyn Alyea's Christmas program outstanding.


Member awarded the tr-color at the Hopewell Valley show/ Schluter.

Club held a fall flower show and house tour.

Sue Steele gave a class in flower arranging at the adult school.


Member won 1st prize at Rumson flower show - Steele


Members served as hostesses at the New York Flower Show.


Club entered the Philadelphia flower show. Entry was a garden planted to attract birds. It won 2nd prize.

Members served as hostesses at the New York Flower Show.


Club invited by Philadelphia clubs to join them at a judging forum held in the Philadelphia art museum. Club went by bus.

Fund-raising committee was to hold an annual spring plant sale at a member's home.


...........MAY MARKET WAS BORN..............

Outstanding speaker, Madeline Leuthardt, on dwarf and espaliered fruit trees,


Mrs. Colie lectured on flower arranging. Club entered a garden at the Philadelphia flower show. Member received 3rd prize in arrangement class at Hopewell Valley Flower Show - Schluter.


Suggested study of trees for zone, club started our tree box, which was later given to a local school, club entered a garden in the Philadelphia flower show. Members also served as hostesses at the NY show.


Club program with Lois Poiner talking on how to garden without a gardener.

May market featuring unusual and hard to find plant material grown by members held at Helen Woodward’s. Sale becoming very popular by fellow serious gardeners.


.*********25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE CLUB**********

**********GARDEN AT ROCKINGHAM BORN**********

Herb garden designed by Helen Griffin and executed by members planted at Washington’s headquarters in rocky hill. This garden won the sears roebuck award.


Flower arranging course by Mrs. Reynolds held on four wednesdays. 2 members entered the NY flower show and won 3rd in an arrangement class - Schluter and Campbell. Members served as hostesses at NY show. Club had spring and fall flower show.


GCA Zone IV meeting held in Princeton with Adra Fairman our chairman. Meeting was co-hosted with the G.C. of Princeton. Some meetings held in Princeton university's newly opened art museum. Keynote speaker, Ian Mcharg, spoke at Lowery House,


Fall, joint flower show with the G.C. of Princeton. Members slide show as a program.


First scheduled work meeting at Rockingham. Club entered a window box at Philadelphia flower show. There was a club bus trip to the show. Joint flower show with the G.C. of Princeton.


Joint meeting with the university league garden club. Club bus trip to Rutgers greenhouses and to the duke gardens.


Bus trip to Bryant Park flower show in New York. Members served as hostesses at the show.


Bus trip and meeting at the Brooklyn botanical gardens


Member appointed zone iv chairman - Patton. First second-generation club president. Angie Austin, daughter of Dorothy Fleming, president 1941-1943


Member appointed director of G.C.A. - Patton.


Trip to New Hope for a program at the Rosade Bonsai Studio.


Mini G.C.A. sone iv meeting. 1st prize and 2 second prizes in arrangements. Members served as hostesses at Bryant Park show.


Club started project of planting chambers walk in Princeton. Members cared for beds. Member entered Bryant Park show and won first in arrangement class - Delafield. Morristown flower show - two 1st prizes in horticulture.


Two members worked together on an arrangement at the Philadelphia flower show and won third place - Delafield and deckman. One member served as an aide at the show. Member entered the Bryant Park flower show in NYC and won second place in the decoupage class - Fairman.


Club held workshops on artistic arrangements and vegetable gardens. Contribution was made to American Land Trust whose project in NJ is the Pine Barrens.


Autumn in the air - a joint community flower show with the G.C. of Princeton. Club invited guests to an evening meeting with Ralph Snodsmith as our speaker.


Club won a first prize at the Philadelphia flower show in the new challenge garden class. The chairmen of our entry were Austin and Flemer. GCA Autumn in the Atrium Flower Show invited Austin and Flemer to run the horticulture classes. Member appointed G.C.A. Zone IV chairman, two year term - Fleming.


Two members invited to be chairmen of challenge garden class at the Philadelphia flower show for next 2 years - Austin and Fleming


Club voted to incorporate.

Member appointed G.C.A. Zone IV chairman for two year term - Austin,

Two members asked to be in charge of staging for G.C.A. autumn in the atrium flower show in NYC - Austin and haring.


Tax exempt status for club approved in April.


Club entered Philadelphia flower show room class Shangri-La, a place of your dreams. The title of our room was a slow boat to china. Won 1st prize and the Delaware valley florists' trophy - arrangers - bever and Rulon-miller.

GCA Zone IV meeting in town with the G.C.. of Princeton. Our chairman - Audrey gates.


GCA zone meeting hosted by the G.C. of Trenton. 1st prize in abstract arrangement class - Austin.


Joint meeting with g. Clubs of Princeton and Trenton for lecture by betty brown on art in bloom. Flower show staged in the Boston art museum.

Club bus trip to longwood gardens at Christmastime,


**********GCA ANNUAL MEETING IN ZONE IV ************

One of 3 co-chairmen of meeting - Austin, joint meeting with g. Clubs of Princeton and Trenton to hear and see Herb Plankinton in the subject of arranging flowers.


Club entry in Philadelphia flower show garden class, won 1st prize and PHS Silver Bowl with our Australian garden, chairmen of entry - Austin and Henkel.


**********HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY TO CLUB**********

Member invited to be vice chairman of all artistic classes at the Philadelphia flower show for 2 year term - Austin


Club entry in the room class at the Philadelphia flower show - theme of class was music. Our title - Flamenco, won 2nd prize and the Delaware valley florists' trophy and the G.C.A. certificate of excellence. Entry chairmen - Dawes and Hopper. Arrangers - Delafield, Dyckman and Haring.

Member asked to be G.C.A. flower show area vice chairman - Austin, area - NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA.

Member elected chairman of NJ Committee of the G.C.A. - Austin.


Joint meeting with the G.C. of Princeton. G.C. of Trenton held a G.C.A. small flower show in state museum, 1st in arrangement - delafield.1sts in horticulture - Austin and Haring. Member asked to be co-chairman of arrangement workshops for Philadelphia flower show - Austin. Club became involved in isles Trenton inner city improvement program.


Member was one of 18 ladies from across the country to create an exhibit in class America Discovered at the Philadelphia Flower Show invitational class - Austin. Entry was on CBS Good Morning America tv show and written up in NY Times - Austin.

Two members entered defined space class in Philadelphia - title size and shape. Entry won 1st prize and the GCA certificate of excellence - Austin and Delafield.

GCA Zone IV meeting in Englewood - flower show results : arrangement 1sts Austin and Delafield. Delafield also won best arrangement in show. Horticulture 1sts - Austin and Pontius. Club won the zone award for the most points earned in the flower show. Barbara Spaulding Cramer zone flower arrangement award - Austin.


Member invited to be advisor for open and defined space class at Philadelphia flower show - Delafield.

May flea and flower market fund raiser,


GCA zone iv meeting in town with co-hostess G.C. of Princeton. Co-chairman - Hayes

SBGC Awards

Horticulture Award          

    2020      Molly Schneider    

    2019      Alice St. Claire-Long    

    2018      Anastazja Panek-Tobin    

    2017      Janet Haring    

    2016      Alice St. Claire-Long    

    2015      Alice St. Claire-Long    

    2014      Alice St. Claire-Long    

    2013      Alice St. Claire-Long    

    2012      Alice St. Claire-Long    

    2011      Lockie Proctor    

    2010      Lockie Proctor    

    2009      Anne Gates    

    2008      Janet Haring    

    2007      Anne Gates    

    2006      Katherine Toland    

    2005      Anne Gates    

    2004      Betsy Wislar    

    2003      Betsy Wislar    

    2002      Angeline F. Austin    


Flower Arranging Award    

    2020      Susan D’Amour

    2019      Susan D’Amour

    2018      Suky Bracken

    2017      Anastazja Panek-Tobin

    2016      Suky Bracken

    2015      Suky Bracken

    2014      Anastazja Panek-Tobin

    2013      Suky Bracken

    2012      Joyce Johnson

    2011      Janet Haring

    2010      Laura Hanson

    2009      Sue Plambeck

    2008      Daphne Townsend

    2007      Liz Murray

    2006      Sue Plambeck

    2005      Liz Murray

    2004      Liz Murray

    2003      Liz Murray

    2002      Katherine Toland


Photography Award    

    2020      Julie Tennant

    2019      Stacy Drummond and Nell Haughton

    2018      Anastazja Panek-Tobin

    2017      Lisa Granozio

    2016      Anastazja Panek-Tobin

    2015      Leslie Kuenne

    2014      Leslie Kuenne

    2013      Leslie Kuenne

    2012      Leslie Kuenne

    2011      Leslie Kuenne

    2010      Leslie Kuenne

    2009      Leslie Kuenne

    2008      Liz Murray

    2007      Elizabeth Lugar

    2006      Elizabeth Lugar    



Sweepstakes Plates

Donated by Charlotte Schluter and Jerry Brown. This award is given to the club member who achieves the most points for horticulture, photography, and flower arranging exhibits during the Club year. She must have entered in all three categories.


    2020      Anastazja Panek-Tobin

    2019      Anastazja Panek-Tobin

    2018      Anastazja Panek-Tobin

    2017      Janet Haring

    2016      Anastazja Panek-Tobin

    2015      Anastazja Panek-Tobin

    2014      Anastazja Panek-Tobin

    2013      Lisa Marttila

    2012      Lisa Marttila

    2011      Leslie Kuenne

    2010      Katherine Toland

    2009      Daphne Townsend

    2008      Katherine Toland

    2007      Anne Gates

    2006      Katherine Toland

    2005      Elizabeth Wislar

    2004      Katherine Toland

    2003      Katherine Toland

    2002      Angeline F. Austin

    2001      Angeline F. Austin

    2000      Sheila Stuart

    1999      Angeline F. Austin

    1998      Sheila Stuart

    1997      Angeline F. Austin

    1996      Katie Heins

    1995      Angeline F. Austin

    1994      Elly Petronio

    1993      Katie Heins

    1992      Angeline F. Austin

    1991      Katie Heins

    1990      Angeline F. Austin

    1989      Angeline F. Austin

    1988      Janet Haring

    1987      Janice Pell

    1986      Janet Haring

    1985      Adra Fairman

    1984      Adra Fairman

    1983      Angeline F. Austin

    1982      Angeline F. Austin

    1981      Alison Flemer

    1980      Angeline F. Austin

    1979      Josie Hall                         

    1978      Josie Hall

    1977      Barbara Delafield

    1976      Josie Hall

    1975      Suzanne Dyckman

    1974      Suzanne Dyckman

    1973      Jerry Brown

    1972      Jane Howe

    1971      Jane Howe

    1970      Adra Fairman

    1969      Adra Fairman

    1968      Alice Carter

    1967      Marion Leon

    1966      Jane Wilmerding

    1965      Jane Wilmerding

    1964      Jane Wilmerding

    1963      Jane Wilmerding

    1962      Marion Leon

    1961      Marion Leon

    1960      Virginia C. Williams

    1959      Emily Stuart

    1958      Elizabeth Yeatman

    1957      Barbara Emeny

    1956      Marion Leon

    1955      Ethel R. Young

    1954      Caroline Wright

    1953      Mary Jane Paynter

    1952      Helen Griffin

    1951      Mary Jane Paynter

    1950      Helen Griffin

    1949      Dorothy Fleming

    1948      Dorothy Fleming

    1947      Susan Steele

    1946      Susan Steele

    1945      Susan Steele

Emily Cowenhoven Stuart Award

For significant contributions to the growth and vitality of Stony Brook Garden Club; need not be awarded annually.

    2020      Bonnie Higgins    

    2019      Olive Coghlan and Ashley Lyu

    2015      B.J. Booth

    2010      Susan Levy

    2005      Sheila Stuart

    2004      Daphne Townsend

    1994      Lucy Belding

    1993      Zoe Bylin

    1990      Lynn C. Dawes


Adra Fairman Daffodil Award

Given to the club member who achieves the most points for exhibiting daffodils at club and out-of-club shows.

    2020      Molly Schneider

    2019      Molly Schneider

    2018      Anne Gates

    2017      Anastazja Panek-Tobin

    2016      Lockie Proctor

    2015      Anne Gates

    2014      Anne Gates

    2013      Anne Gates

    2012      Anne Gates

    2011      Lockie Proctor

    2010      Lockie Proctor

    2009      Lockie Proctor

    2008      Lockie Proctor

    2007      Anne Gates

    2006      Adra Fairman

    2005      Anne Gates

    2004      Lockie Proctor

    2003      Lockie Proctor

    2002      Lockie Proctor

    2001      Lockie Proctor

    2000      Lockie Proctor

    1999      Sheila Stuart

    1998      Lockie Proctor

    1997      Lockie Proctor

    1996      Lockie Proctor

    1994      Adra Fairman


Novice Arranger Award

Given to the club member who as a novice arranger accumulates the most points in all arrangement classes during the Club year.

    2020      Stacy Drummond, Julie McLaughlin, Alicia Merse       2019      Jane Hornick    

    2018      Irina Clark    

    2017      Judy Sarvary    

    2016      Karen Laub    

    2015      Susan D’Amour    

    2014      Melissa Bernardi    

    2013      Anastazja Panek-Tobin    

    2012      Joyce Johnson    

    2011     Sarah Shannon    

    2010      Ruth Smet    

    2009      Carolyn Healey    

    2008      Debra Costa    

    2007      Gail Denise    

    2006      Sue Plambeck    

    2005      Toby Goodyear    

    2004      Merrill Long    

    2003      Liz Murray    

    2002      Lori Citrone    

    2001      Tracey Gates    

    2000      Meg Gorrie    

    1999      Joyce Lathbury and Katherine Toland

    1998      Anne Gates    

    1997      Anne Gates    

    1996      Jennifer Aldrich    

    1995      Elizabeth Wislar    


Green Goddess Award

The award is given to a club member who has demonstrated leadership, creativity and persistence to protect the environment.

    2017      Carrie Dyckman

    2008      Susan Finlay and Lori Citrone



Novice Botanical Arts Award

Given to the club member who, as a novice arranger, accumulates the most points in all Botanical Arts classes during the Club year.

    2017      Gail Denise

    2016      Sue Plambeck



Botanical Arts Award

    2020      Andrea Meyercord

    2017      Liz Bell

Mentor Award

The award is given to the club member who demonstrates exceptional mentoring skills; need not be awarded annually

    2019      Barbie Griffin

    2014      Janet Haring

    2009      Anne Gates

    2007      Daphne Townsend    

    2000      Audrey Pfeilsticker    


Silver Trowel Award

Given to the club member who over time, shows an enthusiastic spirit and consistent willingness to participate in club projects and activities; need not be awarded annually.


    2020      Susan D’Amour

    2019      Betsy Grimes

    2017      Sarah Shannon

    2015      Alison Beers

    2013      Molly Schneider

    2010      Gail Denise, Andrea Meyercord

    2009      Liz Murray, Sue Plambeck

    2008      Leslie Kuenne

    2007      Nancy Robins

    2005      Sharon Altmeyer

    2004      Margie Gibson

Zone IV Awards

Barbara Spalding Cramer Flower Arranging Award           1992     Angeline F. Austin


Clarissa Willemsen Horticulture Propagation Award           2004     Angeline Austin


Conservation Award                                                     2016     Katy Kinsolving

                                                                         2012     Meg Gorrie

                                                                         1998     Janet Haring


Creative Leadership Award                                            2016     Katie Heins 

                                                                         2007     Susan Levy



Historic Preservation Award                                           2007     Sheila Stuart


Horticulture Award                                                       2016     Anne Gates

                                                                        2006     Katie Heins

                                                                        1982     Adra Fairman



Civic Improvement Award                                             1998    Janet Haring


Gavel Award

This award is presented to the club with the highest number of points earned from all competitive classes in a GCA Flower Show at a Zone IV Meeting.

                                                                        2016     Stony Brook Garden Club          

                                                                        2004     Stony Brook Garden Club

GCA Awards

Catherine Beattie Medal                                               2000   Angeline F. Austin


Harriet DeWaele Puckett Creativity Award                        2008   Barby Delafield


Dorothy Vietor Munger Award

                                                                                2018   Suky Bracken

                                                                                2004   Barby Delafield

Rosie Jones Horticulture Award                                       2012   Louise Wellemeyer


Ann Lyon Crammond Award                                          2004   Meredith Peterson

This award may be presented at a GCA or Small Flower Show

to an outstanding educational exhibit which best educates the

public about gardens.  Any educational exhibit which increases

the appreciation of any aspect of plants, gardens or landscape

design may be considered for this award.



Marion Thompson Fuller Brown Conservation Award           2016   Stony Brook Garden Club

This award may be presented for an outstanding conservation         2004   Lila Cruikshank

exhibit at a GCA Small Flower Show.  The award recognizes

an exhibit of exceptional educational and visual merit which i

ncreases the public's knowledge and awareness of our environment. 





Corliss Knapp Engle Horticulture Sweepstakes Award         2016   Stony Brook Garden Club

This award may be presented to the club with the highest number    2008   Stony Brook Garden Club

of points earned from all competitive horticulture classes in a           2004   Stony Brook Garden Club

GCA Flower Show.



Horticultural Achievement Certificate of Excellence within a Club

                                                                                2003   Anne Gates

                                                                                1996   Katie Heins


National Public Relations Award                                     2011   Stony Brook Garden Club

                                                                                2006   Stony Brook Garden Club

Club Appreciation Award

                                                                                2020   Sue Plambeck          

                                                                                2018   Alison Beers Bickford        

                                                                                2017   B.J. Booth    

                                                                                2012   Sharon Altmeyer     

                                                                                2011   Daphne Townsend

                                                                                2010   Nancy Henkel          

                                                                                2006   Wendy Hopper        

                                                                                2004   Audrey Gates           

                                                                                2003   Elly Petronio

                                                                                1995   Margaret C. Wallace           


Medal of Merit

Recognizes an exceptional contribution in horticulture,                   2020   Anne Gates

conservation, civic achievement, or leadership within                    2016   Alice St.Claire-Long

the area of the recipient’s club                                                   2006   Adra Fairman 

                                                                                1996   Janet Haring



Club Floral Design Achievement Award                            2016   Anastazja Panek-Tobin

                                                                                2013   Suky Bracken

                                                                                2011   Janet Haring

                                                                                2005   Lori Citrone

                                                                                2004   Liz Murray

                                                                                2003   Katherine Toland

                                                                                1994   Barby Delafield                    


Creative Leadership Award                                            2016   Katie Heins

Historic Preservation Certificate                                       2002   Sheila Stuart



Club Conservation Award                                             2018   Carrie Dyckman       

                                                                                2013   Katie Kinsolving

                                                                                2008   Susan Finlay


Club Communications Award                                         2012   Laura Hanson

Club Photography Award                                              2020   Anastazja Panek-Tobin      

                                                                                2014   Leslie Kuenne


Club Horticulture Award                                                2018   Alice St. Claire-Long

                                                                                2014   Lockie Proctor

                                                                                2003   Anne Gates  

                                                                                1996   Katie Heins



Novice Award in Horticulture                                         2016   Carrie Dyckman

Certificate of Excellence in Floral Design

                                                                                2018   Suky Bracken