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Rachel Castaldi

Chair responsibilitesr:

  • Emailing the clerks prior to the show meeting, share the judge's dietary restrictions and assign one of the clerks the task of bringing the boxed lunches for the judges to the show

  • Check the clerking supplies are up to date and bring them to the meeting. Prior to the meeting, the clerk chair will orient the clerks on their duties for the particular show via email or conversation

  • Ensure that the clerks check in with the show chairs by 9:30am the morning of the show to walk through the exhibits and familiarize themselves with the classes.

  • Notify the recording Secretary that the clerks are "present" but clerking

  • Will ensure that one clerk is appointed the "Points Clerk". The Points Clerk is responsible to record the names of members with a passed entry in the show and the member names and award level for all the awards in the show. It is the responsibility of the Points Clerk to give the completed sheet to the Points Chair at the end of the show.





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