April 2020 Horticulture Classes


Entries accepted between 8:45 and 9:30 a.m. NO ENTRY WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 9:30 a.m.

There is no limit to the number of classes you may enter but there is a limit of 3 entries per member in any one class

Classes will be subdivided when three or more specimens of the same species, cultivars or varieties are entered.  




CLASS 1 - single stem 

CLASS 2 - 3 stems of one cultivar

CLASS 3 - miniature single stem  

CLASS 4 - 3 stems of one miniature cultivar  

CLASS 5 - single stem of unnamed cultivar. One entry per member, use the word ‘species’ for the cultivar.


All NARCISSUS entry cards must show RHS classification which can be found on the SBGC website 




CLASS 6 - TULIPA - single stem

CLASS 7 - OTHER BULB - single stem 

CLASS 8 - CORM, RHIZOME OR TUBER - single stem.




CLASS 9  - single branch flowering shrub

CLASS 10  - single branch flowering tree

CLASS 11 - single branch, NJ native

CLASS 12 - single branch, NJ native cultivar

CLASS 13  - single branch, evergreen shrub or tree, may have berries or pine cones but no flowers


Should be no longer than 24” from the lip of the container to the tip of the branch.




CLASS 14  - single stem grown primarily for flowers

CLASS 15 - single stem grown primarily for foliage  

CLASS 16 - single stem NJ native

CLASS 17 -  single stem NJ native cultivar





CLASS 18 - single plant (may be houseplant, perennial, shrub or tree, only single plants)

CLASS 19 – single plant, native

Please complete a GCA propagation card found on SBGC website for each entry. 

Pots should be no larger than 10” in diameter, preferably terra cotta, without a saucer. Discreet staking and top dressing permitted.

Judged with par judging- See definition below under par class 

Limited to plants which have not received a blue ribbon in any hort show

Minimum ownership 6 months



CLASS 20 - An exhibit of outstanding horticultural merit which does not qualify for entry elsewhere in the horticulture division. Each exhibit is judged against perfection. Minimum ownership of 6 months is required.



Par judging: Each exhibit is judged individually using a scale of points. With this scoring it’s theoretically possible each entry could get a first!

Points Scale:

-90 -100 first; blue

-85 -89 second; red 

-80 -84 yellow; third 

-In par judging there are no HMs