April 2019 Horticulture Classes

Entries accepted between 8:45 and 9:30 a.m. NO ENTRY WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 9:30 a.m.

             Note: Classes will be subdivided when three or more specimens of the same species, cultivars or varieties are entered.  



                   Exhibitor is responsible for the correct identification of her entries, both the cultivar and the RHS division (a list of                            RHS classifications is on the SBGC website)    

                                 1a. a single stem  

1b. 3 stems of one cultivar

1c. miniature, one stem

1d. 3 stems of one miniature cultivar 

                                 1e. unnamed.  One entry per member permitted.  Put word ‘species’ on entry card for the cultivar.  Must put                                         RHS classification.                                          



                             2a. Tulipa - single stem

                             2b. Other hardy garden bulb, single stem 


 CLASS 3   CORMS, RHIZOMES OR TUBERS IN BLOOM; one stem.Examples are Crocus, Arisaemas (Jackin the Pulpit),                                Bearded Iris, Anemones or Lily of the Valley.   


 CLASS 4   FLOWERINGBRANCHES(not to exceed 24” length, measured from lip of container to tip of branch)

                              4a. Flowering Shrub, one stem

                              4b.  Flowering Tree, one stem



                              5a. One flowering stem

                              5b. One stem grown primarily for foliage  



                             6a. One flowering stem

                             6b. One foliage stem

                             6c. One flowering branch, tree or shrub (may not exceed 24” length from lip of container to tip of branch)


 CLASS 7   EVERGREEN BRANCHES (not to exceed 24” length from lip of container to tip of branch) 

                     One branch. May be from a tree or a shrub, may have berries, pine cones, etc., but not flowering.   



                    Note: To be judged with par judging   (See definition below under par class) 

                              8a. A single house plant

                              8b. A single perennial 

                              8c. A single shrub

                              8d. A native plant

                              8e. A sustainably grown propagated plant. Grown without pesticides, with organic potting soil, and only                                   fertilized with compost or an organic fertilizer.    

                    Please complete a GCA propagation card found on SBGC website for each entry. 

                    Shown in a pot no larger than 10” in diameter, preferably terra cotta, without a saucer, discreet staking 

                    and top dressing permitted.


                    Note: Limited to plants which have not received a blue ribbon in any hort show


 CLASS 9    PAR. An exhibit of outstanding horticultural merit which does not qualify for entry elsewhere in the

                   horticulture division. Each exhibit is judged against perfection. Minimum ownership of 6 months is required.


Par judging: Instead of being judged against each other, in par classes each exhibit is judged individually using a scale of points. With this scoring it’s theoretically possible each entry could get a first!

Points Scale:

-90 -100 first; blue

-85 -89 second; red 

-80 -84 yellow; third 

-In par judging there are no HMs