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Chair                    Julie Sullivan

Lindsay Bracken

Tracy Dart

Marketa Pleasant,

Katie Redmond

Tropical Leaves

Helpful Information

  • SBGC Executive Board
  • Committees - Chairs & Members
    CIVIC PROJECTS Gabrielle Shamsey, Chair Alma Eisenacher, Carrie Dykman, Bonnie Higgins, Karen Laub, Ashley Lyu, Sandy Scarlatella, Kate Slawson The SBGC Civics Committee is responsible for identifying opportunities to engage in community initiatives. The committee maintains and grows relationships with local organisations such at The Watershed Institute, Elm Court and Harriett House Community Housing, Rockingham House and Drumthwacket. It continues to identify new initiatives to ensure that all active members have the opportunity to participate in at least two civics project each year. The co-chairs coordinate and plan the annual calendar and committee members take the lead for individual projects. CLERKS Rachel Castaldi COMMUNICATIONS Melissa Bernardi CONSERVATION Julie McLaughlin, Chair Amy Granato, Nell Haughton, Kathy Herring, Ena Lumba, Eileen Todd The Conservation Committee responsibilities are to inform SBGC members of important conservation issues happening locally, statewide and nationally; help educate about sustainable practices: and create and implement ongoing or new conservation events such the Potluck/Book Group, field trips to water treatment facilities, and hybrid/electric car carpool. Conservation Committee members should also be prepared to attend NAL for 4 days in Washington DC. FINANCE Alicia Merse, Chair Carolyn Healey, Tracy Johnson FLOWER SHOW Christina Henderson, Barbara Stowe, Co-chairs Suky Braken, Jennifer Desimone, Alex Faust, Caroline Hayes, Jessica Koehler, Erin Sanchez, Judy Savary The Flower Show Committee is instrumental in planning the annual flower arranging program for SBGC. This process takes place each Spring. Committee members are encouraged to put forward their ideas and artistic themes for our flower shows, workshops, potential guest speakers and floral design presentations. One of our special highlights is welcoming our new Provisional Class each year with our Flower Arranging 101. We introduce them to the art and mechanics of flower arranging, providing them with tips and any particular instructions they need in preparation for exhibiting an arrangement in Club flower show. The Committee has fun selecting, purchasing and conditioning a spectacular array of fresh flowers direct from our floral wholesalers for the event. The results are always outstanding. Our Committee members co-ordinate and prepare for our flower shows held twice-a-year. This involves sign-ups for shows, liaison with stagers for room set-up, printing signs/titles for each class, assisting with passing exhibits, and taking photos of entries. FUNDRAISING Rachel Lee, Chair Sandra Allen, Danielle Bensten, Lindsay Bracken, Melanie Clarke, Alex Faust GARDEN HISTORY & DESIGN Louise Wellemeyer & Peter Ham, Co-Chairs The purpose of the GH&D committee is to promote and educate SBGC members in the study of landscape design and garden history. There are many ways in which to achieve this. Each month we offer references to books, video or websites that relate to GH&D. We offered 2 workshops throughout the year, both are educational in nature and interactive as well. The committee can devise any number of interesting ways to engage members and make learning about GH&D fun. Our committee has taken some ideas and suggestions from the GCA website: The committee can also decide to document a member's garden. Here is the GCA link on how that can be achieved: HORTICULTURE Christi Gautam &, Jean Shaver Melissa Bernardi, Cindy Besselaar, Barbara Griffin, Ann Lewis, Merrill Long, Anna Robers, Ellen Sabino, Molly Schneider, Kristin Seligman, Kate Slawson While the majority of the organization and planning is done by the Hort chairs, committee members may be asked to help with: Workshops - jobs such as sourcing workshop materials, setting up, providing some baking to serve to participants and clearing up. - committee members may also be asked if they are willing to host one of these workshops September, April & May SBGC Hort shows - help set up at D&R Greenway day before show - volunteer to help at show itself - help clear up after show Zone show entries - get involved in helping with any mandatory Hort show club entries. JUDGES Anne Lewis, Chair Melissa Bernardi MEDALS AND AWARDS Lisa Granozio, Chair Nikki Peters MEMBERSHIP Julie Sullivan, Chair Lindsay Bracken, Tracy Dart, Marketa Pleasant, Katie Redmond NEW JERSEY COMMITTEE OF GCA Rachel Lee, Katrina Walsh, Co-Chairs PHOTOGRAPHY Julie Tennant & Jill Mitchell, Co-chairs Susan D'Amore, Jane Henderson, Anastazja Panek-Tobin, Louis Profit, Nessa Tallo POINTS Helen Sherman, Chair PROGRAM Laura Armstrong, Sarah Callahan, Co-Chairs SCHOLARSHIP Rona MacInnes STAGING/HOSTESSES Monique Bombardieri & Jamie Stournaris, Co-chairs VISITING GARDENS Peter Ham WEBSITE Nessa Tallo SPECIAL PROJECTS SBGC MERCH Lindsay Bracken WEBSITE REDESIGN Nessa Tallo, Tracy Johnson SBGC '85 Merrill Long C-CHANGE Carrie Dyckman, Kathy Herring WATERSHED PLAY ZONE Carrie Dyckman
  • Primary Categories of Members
    Active Must have been a SBGC provisional member, sustaining, affiliate or on leave member who has requested to return to active status or approved for transfer from another GCA garden club Pays annual dues to SBGC Listed as member on GCA website and receives GCA information Must not miss more than two meetings per year Commit to 6 hours of community service on civic projects Exhibit and earn at least two points per year May hold an officer or chair position, serve on any committee, vote, nominate, propose or second candidates for membership May participate in all club activities ​ Sustainer Must have been a member in good standing for ten years who no longer wishes to serve in a completely active capacity (in a committee assignment) Is excused from active participation of club activities May serve on committees, assist with projects and maybe a hostess for meetings May vote, nominate, propose or second candidates for membership May not serve as an officer or chair Pays annual dues to SBGC Must attend at least 3 meetings during a club year Listed as member on CGA website and receives GCA information May have all membership privileges and this classification is considered a privilege May return to active status ​ Affiliate A member in good standing for ten years who has become a non-resident, is no longer able to participate in club activities or able to meet the attendance requirement A member who has become a non-resident May serve on a club committee Pays annual dues to SBGC Listed as member on CGA website and receives GCA information May not vote, serve as an officer or chair May not nominate, propose or second a candidate for membership May return to active or sustaining status ​ On Leave May be granted a leave of absence due to personal or professional issues Will be reviewed at the end of one year before granting extensions May not serve as an officer, chair or serve on a committee May vote, nominate, propose and or second a candidate for membership May participate in club activities Does not pay annual dues to SBGC Listed as inactive on GCA website and does not receive GCA information ​ Provisional A member must remain a provisional for one year before considered for active membership Must not miss more than 2 meetings during a club year Pays annual dues to SBGC Listed as member on GCA website and receives GCA information Exhibit and earn at least two points per year May not vote, nominate, propose or second any candidates for membership May not be an officer, chair or serve on a committee until active membership Commit to 6 hours of community service on civic projects May participate in all club activities ​ Honorary Membership is awarded only at the discretion of the Executive Board, and is distinct from medals and awards Reserved for an exceptional member whose distinguished and impactful body of work and service has garnered regional, national or international recognition and has furthered the mission of the Club and/or the GCA. Entitled to all Club notices and privileges except voting and holding office Does not pay Club dues
  • Membership Guidelines
    Timing Members are encouraged to submit names of possible candidates for membership to the Membership Chair throughout the year. Members should provide names even if it is possible that a candidate eventually will not be interested or will postpone for a few years. A provisional will be expected to have an interest in flower arranging, and/or horticulture, and/or conservation, and/or photography, and attend meetings regularly. Posting & Commenting Potential Provisionals will be announced to members by email during the months June, July and August and at meetings during the rest of the year. The Membership Chair will then ask for members to share confidential verbal (no e-mail) comments on the possible candidates within 30 days. Additionally, members who know the candidates and are willing to write supporting letters are encouraged to identify themselves to the Membership Chair at this time. Guest Visiting Names of prospective members will be read or posted for one month prior to a prospective member attending a meeting as a guest. A candidate should be invited to attend two meetings as a guest. Documentation The Chairman of the Membership Committee must receive all letters by March 31. There must be a letter of proposal, two seconding letters, and one questionnaire written for each candidate. Confidentiality Confidentiality is essential in all phases of the membership process. Out of consideration for the candidates and those supporting them, candidates must not be aware they are being proposed.
  • Guidelines for Nominating a Member
    Nomination Procedure: Candidate's name is read at meeting and a 30-day period ensues for members to voice any knowledge of the proposed candidate After the 30-day period, the proposer is informed and the member may start the membership process ​ Proposer: Should be an active or sustaining member in good standing or granted on leave status May not be a provisional member or affiliate Ideally has known the candidate for at least one year Should bring candidate to at least 2 meetings, workshops or club activities as a guest Proposer should look for 2 members to second the candidate Ensure that the candidate has met at least 3 of the executive board members and all of the membership committee Ensure that the candidate is aware of all the requirements of membership and is making an informed decision Fill out the membership application preferably with the candidate Writes the nominating letter to the membership committee on the candidates behalf Makes sure all letters and application are completed and received by the membership committee deadline A member may only propose one candidate and write one seconding letter during the year Become a mentor to the candidate through the membership process and beyond Encourage the provisional to be active, attend meetings, workshops and exhibit twice a year Welcome the provisional to the first meeting, introduce the provisional to other members, sit with them at meetings Mentor, work together or team up for an exhibit, club activity, civic project ​ Seconders: Should be an active or sustaining member in good standing or granted on leave status. May not be a provisional member or affiliate. Ideally has known the candidate for at least 6 months. Help to meet and greet the candidate at meeting, workshops and club activities. Write a supporting letter to the membership committee on the candidates behalf. Support the proposer in any way to ensure that the candidate is making an informed decision. Step in if the proposer is not able to offer assistance to the provisional. Act as additional mentor to the candidate and support the proposer with the provisionals membership process and beyond. May write one seconding letter if also proposing a candidate or may write two seconding letters during a year. ​ Exceptions to the above are made under unusual circumstance and at and the discretion of the membership committee with approval of the executive board. ​ Not all candidates are asked to become provisionals each year due to extenuating circumstances and their eligibility for membership may be postponed to the following year. ​ Once the two year term of the membership chair is over any candidate still in the process must be reviewed andpossibly asked to renew the process, subject to the new membership chair and the membership committee. ​ Always refer to Membership By-Laws for any further clarification on Membership classes, practices and procedures.
  • Meeting Setup
    STAGERS Pick up and deliver exhibit tables, tablecloths (and chairs, if needed for a location other than our usual meeting venue–the D & R Greenway). Stagers should contact the Horticulture or Flower Arranging Chair to see how many exhibit tables and cloths (both kept in Daphne Townsend's garage) are needed. It is usual to set up the day before the meeting. PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Advise hostesses and stagers of any special set-up. JUDGES CHAIRMAN Chairman determines the number of judges or outside clerks that are coming to a meeting, and any special food requirements, and communicates this to the Clerking Chair. HOSTESSES Work with the Hostessing/Staging Chair on the logistics for an upcoming meeting, particularly if it is going to be held at a member's house. At the D & R Greenway, tables will be provided for food and beverages. Co- hostesses should contact each other at least two weeks in advance to discuss how to share tasks and costs. CLERKS Chair will email the Clerks three weeks before the meeting, and assign the responsibility of bringing a bagged lunch for the judges to one of the clerks. She will check the Clerking Supplies are up-to-date and bring them to the meeting and will orient the clerks on their duties for the particular show. She and the clerks should check in with the Hort /Floral Design Chair by 9.30 am the morning of the show to walk through the Exhibits and familiarize themselves with the classes. She will notify the Recording Secretary that the clerks are "present" but clerking. PASSERS Report to Horticulture or Flower Arranging Chair by 8:45.* Verify that an exhibit is entered in the correct class and that the entry card includes an entry number. Verify that the GCA rules, general information, division guidelines, and class requirements in the schedule have been followed. Verify that the entry card information is correct–the plant material listed must correspond to what is in the exhibit and be identified using the proper nomenclature and spelling. Check that the entry is presented to its best advantage. *Note: Photography clerking and passing guidelines differ. Please ask Photography Chair for details. Also, photography is not judged the same day as the meeting POINTS CHAIR Responsible for the Name-Tag boxes and Red Books.
  • Annual Dues
    Current Dues are $210. They can be paid by check or online using the button below. Please pay by the end of May.
  • SBGC By-laws
    Click here to download a copy.
  • A Club Member's Guide to GCA's Resources
    All of the resources described in here can be found on the GCA website Click here to download the guide.
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