Horticulture Committee

Guidelines for Exhibiting

1.         Please carefully read and follow the GCA Rules, General Information, and Timetable for Exhibitors.

2.         Entries must have been owned and grown by the exhibitor for a minimum of three months, unless otherwise stated in the schedule.  

3.         An exhibitor may submit up to three entries per class provided each is a different species, cultivar or variety. 

4.         All propagation entries must be propagated by the exhibitor and identified on the entry card as propagated. All propagation entries must also be accompanied by a completed GCA Horticulture Propagation Card which details propagation method, care, and relevant dates.

5.         Entries must be in a clean clear glass container that is compatible with the exhibit.

6.         Classes may be subdivided and entries moved and/or reclassified at the discretion of the hort committee and/or the judges.

7.         Containers are measured at the diameter or the diagonal of the widest point on the inside of the rim at the soil line. The length of cut branches and stems are measured from the lip of the container to the tip of the specimen. 

8.       Container-grown plants are to be exhibited in containers that are clean, unobtrusive and compatible with the exhibit. Disguised double potting and top dressing are permitted. 

9.         Saucers, stands, stakes and ties are allowed only if stated in the schedule.

10.       Wedging may be cork or some natural material; boxwood no longer is allowed. 

11 .      Inquiries concerning any Horticulture Classes should be directed to the Hort Committee