Horticulture Committee

How to Complete an Entry Card

Entry cards can be found at: https://www.gcamerica.org/members/flower-show#resourceid=3613

Entry card may be downloaded and filled out:
Type information into the blue text boxes.
The form should be printed on white stock.
Print out the form on white card stock and type or fill in with black waterproof ink.

1) Leave the Passed, Entry # and Award blank.
2) Check only one box for type of flower show — Club, GCA or Major
3) Enter Class number from Horticulture schedule.
4) Botanical Name - use proper nomenclature
5) Common Name - complete
6) Enter length of ownership in months or years.
7) If Propagated by Exhibitor check box for yes.
8) If Propagation Card is complete check box and attach. Must be attached to qualify for special award.
9) Check box if Key Card is attached. A Key card must be attached for an entry with more than one plant.
10) Describe Growing Conditions: e.g., greenhouse, windowsill, artificial lights, outdoors, exposure to natural light
11) Leave Judges’ Comments blank
12) Check boxes for Eligible Awards for this entry.