Photography Committee

GCA Photography Exhibiting Guidelines

GCA Photography Guidelines (Required)
1. Please carefully read and follow the GCA rules, general information and the timetable for exhibitors.

2. An exhibitor may make only one entry in a class but may enter (state how many entries and entrants may enter) classes. Advance registration is required by (Date, State if entries are to be staggered: first club, then zone, then open to all GCA exhibitors)
Exhibitors will be notified if accepted or not, at the time of registration.

3. If forced to withdraw, an exhibitor must notify the division chairman and/or class consultant and find a substitute unless there is a waiting list for the class.

4. Photographs that have won first place or a special award in a GCA or GCA Major Flower Show may not be entered in competition again. A photograph that was previously entered and did not place first, may be entered again if the image is altered and newly printed. The same photograph may only be entered in one show at a time.

5. Each photograph must be the work of the exhibitor, under whose name it is registered. Matting, mounting and printing may be done professionally.

6. Any manipulation at any stage must be the work of the exhibitor. This includes enhancement for color or clarity, removal of a part of the image, combining images, or distorting the original subject.

7. Photography entries are limited to subjects consistent with Garden Club of America interests such as horticulture, floral design, gardens/landscapes, conservation and the environment, historic preservation, civic improvement and the natural world.

8. Photographs must be mounted on mat board and may be matted if indicated on the schedule. The overall dimension (e.g. 50") must be noted. Overall inches is preferable to a specific size (e.g. 11"x14").
The matting color, if any, and surface finish are the choice of the exhibitor unless specified in the schedule. Glass and framing are not permitted.

9. Each entry must have the entry form affixed to the back of the photograph mounting with the exhibitor's name, garden club, zone, address, phone number and class entered. The top of the photograph must be indicated.

10. The Division Chairman will provide a flower show entry card to be staged with each photograph. Identification of plant material on the entry card is not required, but encouraged whenever possible.

11. An optional title or brief statement may be included on the entry form and the entry card itself.

12. Photographs will be hung against a (state color) background.
and may be matted if indicated in the schedule.

13. Photographs must be received no later than (Deadline Date). Send photographs to (Name/Address). Your registration will be confirmed and receipt of your photograph will be acknowledged. For information, contact (Name/Telephone/Email).

14. All photographs will be passed by the photography committee to verify that class specifications have been met. If a photograph is not passed, the exhibitor will be notified and allowed, if time permits, to send a replacement photograph.

15. Only the photography committee may reclassify an entry, but only with the permission of the exhibitor. The photography committee and the judges may subdivide a class.

16. If a photograph entry is to be returned, the exhibitor must provide a self-addressed return label, envelope, postage and packing material. Any award received will be noted on the back of the mount before it is returned.

17. The recommended scale of points by which the classes are to be judged.

30 Creativity
25 Composition
20 Technical Merit
15 Distinction
10 Interpretation of Theme
100 Total

Specifications for Club Shows

  • All photographs must be flush mounted on black foam core with a total perimeter dimension no larger than 60 inches.
  • Matting, frames and glass are not permitted.
  • Entries are limited: First come first served. Please email Jill Mitchell to register-noting the specific class.
  • An exhibitor may make only one entry in a class and may enter only one class - unless it is not filled. If classes are filled members may enter the ‘for exhibit only’ class which will not be judged but a point will be given for entering.
  • If plant material is identifiable provide the botanical and common names.
See for more information.

Photography Show Entry Card

Clck here to be linked to the Entry Card which can be filled on line or printed. Please use white stock.

Photography Hints & Things to Consider

Ambience (as distinct from "ambient light"), a photographer is referring to visual elements in a photograph that captures the mood, character or feeling of a place or thing – a visual element that allows one to recall the emotion of a scene.

The Quintessential Moment – One way to capture ambiance is through timing your shot to capture the moment that best encapsulates a scene. Some examples of this could be when a bird is on the verge of taking flight from a nest.

Think Backgrounds – Often the context of a subject can be essential to emphasizing its place and backgrounds can be very useful in establishing context.

Take Advantage of Surrounding Items – The items in a scene can often add as much to the emotive nature of an image as the subject itself.

Think About the Lighting – While it's difficult to generalize here, lighting can have a great effect on the visual emotion of a scene. Harsh lighting can work, but it's easier to create a moody effect with softer light. In fact, the term "ambient lighting" usually refers to the soft and diffused light which illuminates a scene without casting harsh shadows. Look for ways to make the light a little softer or shoot at times of the day when you're more likely to be able to take advantage of light that isn't so harsh."

February 2021 Photography Show

Garden Therapy

Class 1: More than Flavor

        Color close-up photograph of fruit or vegetable, showcasing its color, patterns or texture

          Click here for photographs, results and judges comments

Class 2: Farm With a View

        Color, landscape photograph of farmland (fields of crops, orchards etc)

          Click here for photographs, results and judges comments


Class 3: Back in 5 

       A monochrome still-life photograph capturing a work-moment in the garden including some gardening equipment

          Click here for photographs, results and judges comments



Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 11.26.01
November 2020 Photography Workshop

Recordings of this two-part workshop with Joy Yagid can be found in our Club Video Library in the Members Only area.

Below are links to the editing programs and instructional videos that Joy mentioned in her presentation

Editing Programs:



February 2020 Photography Show - Life in the Garden

Congratulations also on receiving a Judges' commendation!

This show is in memory of our dear friend and member of Stony Brook GC, Leslie Kuenne, whose love for nature still inspires us through her photography and art. She will always be in our hearts, our gardens and daffodils. 

BEST IN SHOW went to Julie Tennant for her incredible photograph of a dragonfly.


February 2019 Photography Show - Lives of Plants

CLASS 1         “New Beginnings” 

                        Color, macro photo of a flower bud or a small botanical specimen in its early stages.         


CLASS 2         “In All Their Glory” 

                        Color, landscape photo of a tree or group of trees. 


CLASS 3         “Nature's Bounty” 

                        Color, still life photo of a collection of fruit, vegetables or seeds. 


CLASS 4          For Exhibit Only.  Any photograph taken by a family member of a SBGC

February 2018 Photography Show - Where Land Meets Water

BEST IN SHOW went to Anastazja Panek-Tobin for her amazing close-up of a spider’s web.

CLASS 1     "Landscape"

1st     Kathy Herring

2nd     Karen Laub

3rd     Lisa Granozio

HM      Katy Kinsolving


Class 2 “Up Close and Personal”

1st     Anastazja Panek-Tobin

2nd     Laura Hanson

3rd     Anne Gates

HM      Jill Mitchell


Class 3 “Mood & Movement”

1st     Joyce Johnson

2nd     Cindy Besselaar

3rd     Susan D’Amour

HM      Merrill Long

HM      Andrea Meyercord


February 2017 Photography Show - Landscape

Class 1 "Sweeping"

1st Ashley Lyu

2nd Rona MacInnes

3rd Karen Laub

HM Gail Denise


Class 2 "Formal"

1st Molly Schneider

2nd Sue Plambeck

3rd Lisa Granozio

HM Katy Kinsolving

HM Rona MacInnes


Class "Inner"

1st Lisa Granozio

2nd Leslie Kuenne 

3rd Anastazja Panek-Tobin

HM Cindy Besselaar


Best in Show - Lisa Granozio


The judges were impressed with the show. They were especially impressed with Class 3 and commented it would be a hard class to judge as all the images were terrific. Our notes focused individually on the images but some themes that were repeated often: "Members did a wonderful fob fulfilling the Class""Beautifully balanced, wonderful perspective and movement"They were delighted to present "Best in Show" to Lisa with the comment "This is truly artistic and distinguished photograph".

Photography Workshop Photos

We had such a great walk-through Abbot Marshlands today. Mary Leck gave us photography tips, and took us on a beautiful tour. She talked about the Marsh's Native American history but focused mostly on plants and the Eco-system at the marsh - pointing out native plants, invasive plants and even pulled duck-weed from the water to show us the varying species. She cut and sliced open a marsh rice reed and opened the pods of the yams plant explaining its' medicinal properties- so we had a bit of a plant study course which everyone enjoyed! We were also lucky to see the colorful chicken of the woods mushroom(orange and yellow in pic).

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