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Floral Design & Flower Show Committees

November 2018 Flower Show "Flaming Fall"

1a. Create a 3-D Pave design that celebrates the vibrant seasonal Fall colors of our “Garden State”. The exhibit will be staged on a light gray pedestal 14”x14” at the top and 42” from the floor, to be viewed from 3 sides. There will be no size limits.
1b. NOVICES ONLY. As above, but will be exhibited on a 42” high table, NOT pedestal. To be viewed from 3 sides.

“Pave” is a style that requires placing individual materials closely together in which no mechanics are seen. This tight clustering style emphasizes contrast, color and texture originally derived from the jewelry industry used when setting gems closely together.

2a. Create basket, or cornucopia, which reflects gratitude for the abundance and beauty of our harvest season. The cornucopia is a symbol of a bounteous harvest, and hope for future growth and plentitude. The design should incorporate a “Pot et Fleurs”. To be viewed on a 42” table from 3 sides. There will be no size limits.

2b. NOVICES ONLY. As above.

* “Pot et Fleurs” A combination of fresh, cut flowers and growing plants assembled in a container.

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