Daffodil Classification

February 11, 2020

​In advance of the April Horticulture show, Molly Schneider kindly put together this brief overview of the RHS classifications which are needed on the Entry Cards. The presentation also includes links to sites that will have the information that you will need for each entry.

Caring for Orchids

January 14, 2020

In advance of the May Horticulture show in which we will have an orchid class, here is a very helpful orchid care sheet created by our resident orchid specialist, Mandy Triolo.

Freeman Medal Plant of the Year 2020

January 14, 2020

This year's plant of the year is Geum triflorum. (Prairie Smoke).  Here is a super-short presentation showing pictures and brief information on this year's winner and the honorable mention plants, all are natives and many could thrive in our gardens.

April 2020 Horticulture Show

April 14, 2020

Entries accepted between 8:45 AM – 9:30 AM


Note: Classes will be subdivided when three or more specimens of the same species, cultivars or varieties are entered.  

May 2020 Horticulture Show

May 12, 2020

Entries accepted between 8:45 AM – 9:30 AM


Note: Classes will be subdivided when three or more specimens of the same species, cultivars or varieties are entered.  

Native Plant Propagation Workshop

September 20, 2019

Propagation is not hard! In this workshop, we’ll take a look at the different ways that plants can be propagated and then use some of those techniques to create new plants for your garden and for the Zone Show Plant Exchange in the spring.


At each Zone show, clubs bring 6 plants that they have propagated and the winning club gets first pick of any of the entries to take home. SBGC was last year’s winner! This year’s Plant Exchange will be only native plants, so join us in our environmentally-friendly endeavor. Committee members will supply pots, soil and the mother plants but feel free to bring more supplies with you. And don’t forget a box to take them home to nurture until spring. 


This workshop is limited to 14 attendees. Please contact Stacy Drummond or sign up at the September meeting.

September 2019 Horticulture Show

September 10, 2019

The show received a Judges' Commendation for a beautiful and varied display.

Click here to see photographs of the showroom and the 'Hort Council' hard at work, and the winning entries.

Click here for the September classes

April 2019 Horticulture Show

April 09, 2019

Entries accepted between 8:45 AM – 9:30 AM


Note: Classes will be subdivided when three or more specimens of the same species, cultivars or varieties are entered.  

Gardening 101 Discussion Group February 2019

February 28, 2019

The Horticulture Committee had a full house for their enjoyable and informative program (and provided delicious treats). Click the link to see the notes from the topics we discussed - There's a Tree for Every Place, What Hort Judges Look For, Beneficial Insects: What they do and how to encourage them, Creating a Rain Garden, and The Wonders of Herbs.

May 2019 Horticulture Show

May 14, 2019

Entries accepted between 8:45 AM – 9:30 AM


Note: Classes will be subdivided when three or more specimens of the same species, cultivars or varieties are entered.  

September 2018 Horticulture Show

September 11, 2018

Despite the rain, we had a marvelous showing. Click here to see pictures of the Blue Ribbon entries.

Team work at its best!!

May 30, 2018

The hard work of our green thumbed SBGC members paid off. They put on a very good showing at the GCA Zone Flower Show ‘Greetings from the Jersey Shore,’ coming away with prizes and some lovely new plants for their gardens. There are more pictures of our entries in the Zone Show Photograph Album.

Honorable Mention   Class 22: Seaside Park Boardwalk Ride topiary 

         Barbie Griffin, Janet Haring, Alice St Claire-Long


2nd Place Class 25: Cape May Point Propagation Rooted Mixed Salad

        Harriette Brainard, Barbie Griffin, Tracy Johnson, Louise Profit, Alice St Claire-Long

Rumson GCA Zone Flower Show ‘Greetings from the Jersey Shore’ May 30-31 2018


First place: Asparagaceae Family Class 26: Plant Exchange 

        Stacy Drummond, Barbie Griffin, Jane Henderson, Tracy Johnson, Rona MacInnes & Mary Turso

Preparing for the Zone IV GCA Flower Show May 2018

May 24, 2018

A very enthusiastic group got together at Barbie Griffin's house to choose our entries for the Salad Bowl class, the propagation class (we had successfully propagated 6 different Asparagacea) and to put the finishing touches to the topiary.

Results from the April 2018 Horticulture Show

April 10, 2018


1a.  Single stem

1b.  Three stems of one cultivar

1c.  Miniature, one stem

1d.  Three stems of one miniature cultivar

1e.  Unnamed—One entry per member permitted. Put word 'Species' on entry for the cultivar. Must identify RHS classification.


2a.  Tulipa—single stem

2c.  Other hardy garden bulb—single stem 


4a.  Flowering Shrub

4b. Flowering Tree


5a.  One flowering stem

5b. One stem grown primarily for foliage


6a.  One stem of a flowering perennial

6b. One stem of a perennial grown primarily for foliage

6c. One flowering branch, tree or shrub (may not exceed 24" length/width)


CLASS 8   PROPAGATION (Show the plants you propagated in 2017!)

8a.  House Plant

8b.  Perennial

8c.  Shrub

8d.  A sustainably grown propagated plant. Grown without pesticides, with organic potting soil, and fertilized just with compost.

Note: Key card required with date: method of propagation; subsequent care; on 4x6 notecard. Shown in a pot no larger than 10" in diameter, preferably terra cotta, without a saucer. Discreet staking and top dressing permitted.


An exhibit of outstanding horticultural merit which does not qualify for entry elsewhere in the horticulture division. Minimum ownership of six months is required.

Horticulture Book List

February 11, 2018

Some suggested Hort Books from Alice St. Clair-Long

Living Salad for the zone meeting on May 30

May 30, 2018

Dear Seed Growing SBGC members,

For this year's zone meeting on May 30, each club is asked to grow and enter a living salad, a container with rooted plants of ingredients you might find in a salad. These plants are started from seeds and grown by...us! We are planning a colorful arrangement of edible flowers, herbs and greens. And we'd love to have help. Many hands make seeds grow! 

There's a silver lining --  the plants you grow from all of your seeds can be eaten, admired, or both! 

If you are interested, please take a look below, and then email one of us with your choices/ideas. Duplications are okay, because plants may grow differently in different places.  And please if you have any ideas not on this list, let us know.

A closing thought -- I have some baby red lettuce seeds; the packet says 28 days to maturity. We need them in about 16 weeks. I think I'll plant some in a few weeks just as a test. Depending on how they grow, I'll then do 3 or 4 successive plantings beginning in mid to late April. The aim is to have healthy full plants by May 28/29. On May 29 or 30 they go to the show! Judging is May 30. 

​Many, many thanks to all of you! 

Remember we are here to answer any questions!

Barbie, Rona and Alice 

For a list of possibilities:

Results from the Horticulture Show 9/13/2016

November 27, 2017

Class 1b Annuals - Grown primarily for flowers

First Place: Mandy Triolo, a sunflower 'Velvet Queen' and BEST IN SHOW.


Class 2a Perennials - Grown primarily for foliage

First Place: Carrie Dyckman, Hosta Abiqua, 'Elephant Ears'


Class 2b Perennials - Grown primarily for flowers

First Place: Janet Haring, Hillside Black Beauty


Class 2ba Sedum

First Place: Janet Haring, Stonecrop 'Carmen'


Class 3ab Hydrangea

First Place: Melanie Clarke, Hydrangea Aborescens

A happy and helpful HORT 101 class at Alice St. Claire Long's house.

August 09, 2017

The provisional class is well on their way after spending a morning with our fabulous horticulture masters! Thank you Alice, Kathleen, Mandy, Barbara and Anne Gates for all your superb direction, instruction, expertise and enthusiasm!

Hort Hints from Alice St. Claire-Long

November 29, 2017

Heads Up! Deciding which class your exhibit is in is a bit trickier this year!

PLEASE consult with the plant lists to see if your plant is a NATIVE, a NATIVE CULTIVAR or a NON-NATIVE! 


PASSING will be done in two parts : First, go to Passing Table One where we will help confirm that your exhibit ends up in the right class. THEN, take your exhibit to Passing Table Two where we will pass for nomenclature, and overall presentation!

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