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Medicinal Herbs

Tish Streeten was born and grew up in Oxford, England. She studied agricultural botany at the University College of North Wales. For the next ten years she worked throughout Europe and America as an organic farmer, gardener, fruit picker and herbalist. In 1982 Tish came to New York to make documentary films, studying for one year at New York University with George Stoney and Brian Winston. Here she made her first film, 'Community Dig', a short documentary about an archaeological excavation in Greenwich Village, which aired on public television.
Tish was researcher and co-producer of 'Sangoma', a film for Canadian television about traditional healers in South Africa. A few years ago Tish worked on the highly acclaimed television series, 'Healing and the Mind' with Bill Moyers. She is producing two series - one called 'Green Witches', on women herbalists and traditional healers world wide; and another, 'Trees That Heal', about medicinal trees world wide. Juliette of the Herbs (1998) was Tish's first feature length documentary.
Tish formed her production company, Mabinogion Films, to produce and distribute documentaries on women, the environment and the cultural traditions of the world. She produces, directs, writes, edits and records sound for her films.

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