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Horticulture Committee

May 2021 Horticulture Show

May 2021 Horticulture Show
FLOWERING SHRUBSClass 1 LILAC (SYRINGA): Single flowering branchClass 2 TREE PEONIES (PAEONIA SUFFRUTICOSA): Single flowering branchClass 3 AZALEA: Single branchClass 4 RHODODENDRON - Single truss(stem)Truss should be shown half in bloom and half in bud with one set of leaves entirely surrounding the bottom of the bloom.
Class 5 NJ NATIVE: Single branchClass 6 NJ NATIVE CULTIVAR: single branchClass 7 OTHER: Single branchShould be no longer than 24” from the lip of the container to the tip of the branch
FLOWERING TREESClass 8 NJ NATIVE: Single flowering branch
Class 9 NJ NATIVE CULTIVAR: Single flowering branchClass 10 OTHER: Single flowering branchShould be no longer than 24” from the lip of the container to the tip of the branch
PERENNIALS Class 11 Single stem grown primarily for foliageClass 12 Single stem grown primarily for flowersClass 13 Single stem NJ nativeClass 14 Single stem NJ native cultivar

BULBS, CORMS, RHIZOMES, TUBERSClass 15 Single flowering stemClass 16 Collection of 3 to 5 stems from different varieties or cultivars, all flowering.Must have accompanying key card or diagram which indicates name of each entry.Judged 70% horticultural merit, 20% artistic, 10% nomenclature
ROSES (single stem or spray)
Class 17 Species RosesClass 18 Old Garden RosesClass 19 Modern RosesClass 20 Miscellaneous

Rules: Single stem Modern Roses should be exhibited without sidebars.Roses should be displayed with two sets of leaves.Entry cards should include correct America Rose Society names (except Class 20)Guidelines: The longer the stem, the better. e.g. Hybrid tea about 17” and miniatures about 6”Blooms should be about 1/2 - 3/4 open
Useful Resources: American Rose Society - Rose ClassificationsAmerican Rose Society - Rose Shows
PARClass 21 An exhibit of outstanding horticultural merit which does not qualify for entry elsewhere in the horticulture division. Each exhibit is judged against perfection.Minimum ownership of 6 months is required.

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