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Horticulture Committee

Zone IV GCA Flower Show May 2018

The hard work of our green thumbed SBGC members paid off. They put on a very good showing at the GCA Zone Flower Show ‘Greetings from the Jersey Shore,’ coming away with prizes and some lovely new plants for their gardens. There are more pictures of our entries in the Zone Show Photograph Album.

Honorable Mention Class 22: Seaside Park Boardwalk Ride topiary
Barbie Griffin, Janet Haring, Alice St Claire-Long

2nd Place Class 25: Cape May Point Propagation Rooted Mixed Salad
Harriette Brainard, Barbie Griffin, Tracy Johnson, Louise Profit, Alice St Claire-Long
Rumson GCA Zone Flower Show ‘Greetings from the Jersey Shore’ May 30-31 2018

First place: Asparagaceae Family Class 26: Plant Exchange
Stacy Drummond, Barbie Griffin, Jane Henderson, Tracy Johnson, Rona MacInnes & Mary Turso

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